What Are Some Uses for Used Steel Pipes?


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People use steel pipes in the building of appliances, machines and tools. They are also crucial to the construction of buildings, ships, automobiles and infrastructure.

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Steel pipes are a popular choice for building because they are both safe and durable. The use of steel during underground construction projects eliminates concern for rot or pest infestation. The material is non-combustible and sturdy, making it ideal for home construction, as fire, lightning, hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes are less likely to impact steel. Because steel does not require any treatment with preservatives or pesticides, handling during the building process is safe.

Steel pipes are an environmentally friendly alternative to other building materials, as it is easy to recycle. Almost 70 percent of scrap steel is recycled in the United States and is done so in electric processing plants that do not contribute CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

Steel is also a cost-effective solution to building, as steel pipes have strength that other metals cannot match, which extends the lifespan of the pipe and makes routine repairs unnecessary. Steel pipes can be made in any size to fit any job, and the material is pliable enough to create bends and curves if needed. Steel fittings, valves and joints are also available to reinforce said bends and curves and have a similar longevity.

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