What Are Some Uses for Used Power Poles?


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Some of the most common uses for used power poles include incorporation into existing buildings as well as being used as sign posts, livestock fencing, billboard poles and in the construction of piers. Many utility companies and county public works departments also recycle old power poles for use in new power line projects.

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When an old power line is taken down, it is common for a company to recycle the pole into wood beams for general construction purposes to be used in a variety of building types. These beams, as well as the poles in their original form, are also commonly used in the construction of barns and animal pens due to the unique nature of such edifices. Many construction companies use the poles to build new piers, docks and bridges because the poles are long and wide, making them ideal support pieces. These companies also use the beams when repairing docks and piers as well.

Another common use of used power poles is in billboard and similar roadside signs, due to the length of the wood. If the poles are in acceptable condition, they may also be put into use as utility poles in a new area. This depends greatly on the usable length of the pole, overall structural integrity and the presence of any holes or damage throughout the wood.

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