What Are Some Uses for Two-Wheeled Carts?

Two-wheeled carts have many uses, depending on the construction and durability of the cart, including a wheelbarrow, furniture dolly, laundry hamper, grocery hauler and tool tote device. A two-wheeled cart with a metal lip props up large pieces of furniture to move, while an all-purpose cart made of sturdy steel frame easily holds several bags of groceries to walk home from the store.

An all-purpose wheelbarrow and yard cart from Aerocart serves as a bag holder, cylinder carrier and plant mover for large yard projects that require moving a lot of material without the need for heavy equipment. A steel wire cart, which weighs a lot less than the all-purpose wheelbarrow, holds laundry to move clothes from one end of the house to other. A wire cart may also help unload groceries from the car to take into the house when lifting groceries becomes problematic. Two-wheeled carts for home use could assist people with mobility issues that have trouble holding bags while walking.

A two-wheeled cart usually has two wheels for transport along the ground, a handle to grip as someone leans the cart at an angle, and then some kind of stopper on the front end to balance the cart upright in a vertical position. Some two-wheeled carts fold into themselves for easier storage in a garage, shed or closet.