What Are Some Uses for the Trasan Miracle Cleaning Cloth?

What Are Some Uses for the Trasan Miracle Cleaning Cloth?

Trasan Microfiber Cleaning Cloths clean many surfaces including windows, sports equipment, kitchen appliances, cars and furniture. The cloths are available in multiple sizes and with varying density for different cleaning jobs.

Trasan cloths clean windows and eyeglasses utilizing only water without leaving streaks. Used dry, the cloths clean camera lenses, cellphones, television and computer screens.

Trasan towels clean golf balls, golf clubs, bowling balls and most other sporting equipment. Towels clean whether wet or dry for cleaning equipment on the go. Trasan offers a special golf towel featuring a builtin grommet for hanging on a golf bag.

Trasan towels, dipped in water, clean most kitchen appliances and pots and pans. The towels' microfibers expand when dipped in hot water, making them more absorbent for tougher cleaning jobs. Trasan carries a Heavy Hitter version of the towel for particularly difficult cleaning.The Heavy Hitter utilizes a more abrasive version of the microfiber intended for harder surfaces.

Trasan towels clean car interiors and exteriors. Dry towels dust off and buff exterior paint between washes. Wet towels clean and shine the car without using chemicals. Towels' microfibers are ideal for buffing wax for a glossy finish. Trasan and water is safe on hard interior surfaces for cleaning dashboards, consoles and windows.

Trasan towels dust polished furniture, electronics and other hard surfaces. Wet towels clean hard, unpolished furniture surfaces and carpets.