What Are Some Uses of a Tow-Behind Landscape Rake?


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Some uses of a tow-behind rake include gathering grass clippings and leaves, smoothing and aerating soil, and creating straight lines for planting vegetables, flowers and gardens. The pull-behind can be paired with a blade to dig deeper plant lines for larger plants and perform additional operations.

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The rake-and-blade combination can remove rocks, roots and debris; break up sod and mulch soil; spread topsoil quickly and evenly; and smooth out grades to prepare for planting grass. In other areas, the pull-behind rake can spread mulch, crushed stone or gravel along borders and paths and prepare walkways, driveways and patios before laying down cement or asphalt.

In industrial applications, larger tractors and rakes can be used for preparing parking lots and entranceways for buildings and for smoothing out areas in parks for soccer fields, tennis courts and baseball diamonds.

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