What Are Some Uses for Tiny Containers?

What Are Some Uses for Tiny Containers?

Some uses for tiny containers include storing oil, keeping food leftovers and spices, using them as party showpieces, organizing sewing materials and watering plants. Reusing small containers helps save money and the environment.

In cold temperatures, oil can freeze, making it difficult to remove any oil from its original container with a tiny mouth. Reuse tiny containers with wide mouths to store oil. This makes it easy to remove at least some of the oil, even if it freezes.

Use small plastic containers to store food leftovers and juices in the fridge. Also, use small bottles to store spices.

Use colorful bottles with unique shapes as party showpieces. Tie a ribbon with a different color around the bottle’s neck to make a décor. Alternatively, putting small bulbs in different colored bottles and grouping the bottles decoratively creates a festive mood.

Storing threads, buttons, needles and other small sewing accessories in small containers is another use. Keeping these accessories in a container ensures easy access to them and that the items do not get lost.

To use small containers to water plants, cut off the bottom of a plastic bottle and keep it upside down near a plant. The plants get watered slowly when you add water and loosely screw on the lid of the bottle.