What Are Some Uses of Teflon Tape?

Teflon tape is used for wrapping threaded ends of plastic and metal pipes so as to coat the threads and create a tighter seal, preventing any leaks where pipes join. This non-adhesive, thin tape fills the gap between the female and male pipe threads stopping water leaks.

Teflon tape is used in shower heads, shower arms, threaded tub spouts and on any threaded connections that don't have an inbuilt rubber seal. This tape should not be used in flared fittings, faucet flex lines, gas connections, water heater flex lines or any threaded connections with inbuilt rubber seal.

It is important to learn how to use Teflon tape correctly. To take full advantage of Teflon tape, it's necessary to clean the male threads of the pipes. Workers can use a clean rag to clean them. Next, they wrap the Teflon tape in the same direction as the threads of that pipe. Maintaining the tension of the tape is important so that it fits into the threads of the pipe. Wrapping the threads several times is best.

When wrapping the tape, workers should avoid working toward the end of the pipe and applying the tape to the first thread of the pipe. They should use four to six wraps of the Teflon tape. After wrapping the tape, workers can flatten the loose ends down into the threads.