What Are Some Uses of Sycamore Trees?

uses-sycamore-trees Credit: George Ostertag/age fotostock/Getty Images

People use the sycamore tree for different purposes including making furniture, baskets, particles boards, crates and flooring. People plant these trees to provide shade in their backyards and to prevent soil erosion along streams. Some parts of the sycamore tree have medicinal qualities.

People value the sycamore tree as its bark and leaves are resourceful in the production of medicine used for treatment of infant rash, wounds, and cuts. Extracts from the tree contain astringent properties that make it a potential remedy for skin issues and for making an eye wash. The medicine helps in treatment of lung ailments, coughs and colds. The inner back of the tree produces a sweet sap used for sweetening drinks, making wine and dressing wounds.

A full-grown sycamore tree has strong wood utilized for production of chopping blocks, crates, violins and guitars. The fibers of the sycamore tree intertwine, making it easy to work with minimal tools and skill to produce bowl and spoon carvings. Grown commercially for rough lumber and pulp, the wood’s interlocking grain makes it a perfect for the creation of various wooden items such as beautiful stocks for guns. Sycamore also makes an exceptional butcher’s block, since it is hard to split.