What Are Some Uses for Stainless Steel Barrels?


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Uses for stainless steel barrels include storage and shipping for chemicals, pharmaceutical and food products. Stainless steel barrels are also increasingly more popular in the production and storage of wine.

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The non-reactive nature of stainless steel make it ideal for storing items that demand high levels of purity such as drugs, fragrances, acids and other medical-grade products. This characteristic as well as its resistance to corrosion and high tensile strength make stainless steel barrels suitable for storing and shipping all kinds of chemicals, both hazardous and non-hazardous. In fact, Skolnik.com and BestContainers.com offer stainless steel containers that meet the United Nations requirements for transporting hazardous material or are certified UN rated. Non-rated stainless steel containers may be used for storing inks, lubricants, detergents and other industrial non-hazardous chemicals. In addition, stainless steel barrels are also used as salvage containers or as a second layer of protection for leaking or damaged drums.

Stainless steel barrels are also used in the storage, transport and production of food products such as maple syrup and wine. Winemakers find these barrels an attractive option over traditional oak barrels because of their durability and cost effectiveness. Since stainless steel is a neutral metal, it does not influence the taste of wine, which make it feasible to use in the different stages of wine production from development to fermentation and maturation.

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