What Are Some Uses for Small Sand Bags?


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Small sand bags are used for flood control, erosion control, oil field drilling, military fortification and pipelines. They are sometimes used during emergency situations when dikes are damaged or when there is risk of rivers overflowing. They also mark racecourses and tracks.

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Small sand bags offer low-flow protection of up to 2 feet. When property owners place them properly, they can redirect storms and debris away from their property. They are ideal for property close to lakes or creeks. Though small sand bags are not a water-tight solution, they effectively reduce water damage after floods.

Small sand bags may be used to construct dikes, barricades, levees and berms for flood and erosion control. They are ideal for the construction of both permanent and temporary protective barriers. Small sand bags are placed around buildings to divert the flow of water around, instead of through, the building. They are also used to train current flow to certain directions. Property owners should place the sand bags in layers and arrange them in a pattern similar to that of bricks on a wall.

Military personnel use sand bags to create fortresses as they are cheap, easy to transport and good at dispersing energy. Small marker sand bags are also used to mark racetracks and racecourses for traffic control.

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