What Are Some Uses for a Small Mop Bucket Wringer?


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A small mop bucket wringer is used to wring out small or medium mops that cannot be wrung properly in a larger bucket wringer. It is also useful when smaller floor areas need to be cleaned or when cleaning a multi-storied living area.

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A small mop bucket wringer is practical when working with spaces that require the use of small or medium mops. Hard-to-reach spaces and smaller floor areas can be cleaned with ease when using a smaller unit. Most small mop bucket wringers include a hand press to wring out mops by spinning them, although some use either a down press or side press wringer similar to larger units.

Many units include a detachable trolley with wheels on which the mop bucket wringer can be moved while cleaning level floor areas. Since the average fluid holding capacity of a small mop bucket wringer is 26 ounces or less, the unit can be easily carried up or down a flight of stairs. Small bucket wringers do not occupy much space, and they are simple to disassemble and store in a closet or another small area. Most units include a draining board or a strainer to drain and store mops when not in use.

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