What Are Some Uses for Small Battery-Operated Lights?


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Uses for small, battery-operated lights include crafts, decorating and basic safety measures. Some lights offer an on/off switch, while others are arrayed on a string or illuminate simply by being pressed. Small, battery-operated lights are available in a variety of shapes and styles.

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Craft ideas using small, battery-operated lights include no-flame luminaries and holiday snow globe terrariums. To create luminaries, use white or light-colored lunch bags, gift bags or cupcake papers. When using luminaries outdoors, add stones or sand to weigh-down the bag, and place a small, battery-operated "flicker-flame" light on top of the material. If using indoors, simply place the light in the bottom of the bag. The "flicker-flame" light creates the illusion of an actual candle illuminating the bag without the danger of an open flame.

Start a holiday terrarium by adding iridescent confetti filler or cotton stuffing inside a vase or clear jar. Tuck a small, battery-operated light within the filler and add other items, such as pine cones, holly branches, ornaments or figurines. Other decorating ideas include placing lights inside candle holders, backlighting a canvas painting and lighting garland in areas where outlets are not available.

Battery-operated lights are especially useful in keeping basic safety measures convenient. Adhere battery-operated "pop" lights along stair case walls for ease of use in a situation where electricity has been interrupted. "Pop" lights, also known as bubble lights or push lights, are also available in motion-sensing models and are useful in dark, outdoor areas and as bedside lights for children.

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