What Are Some Uses for Shelving Storage Bins?

What Are Some Uses for Shelving Storage Bins?

Use large shelving storage bins to organize the garage, basement and attic. Smaller, more decorative storage bins should be used in rooms and areas that are used more often. These areas include the kitchen, crafts and hobby rooms, bathrooms and linen closets.

Organize the contents of the garage with large plastic or metal storage bins with lids. Select either opaque or clear bins. Make sure the shelves are strong enough to accommodate the weight of the bins. Easy-to-assemble metal storage racks are available, but wood or custom-built racks are also an option.

The attic and basement can be used to store seasonal items, such as clothes, sporting equipment, holiday decorations, tools and more. If these areas are used mainly for storage, use the same type of utilitarian bins used in the garage. For multiple-use, frequently used attics and basements, use storage bins that blend well with the rest of the decor. Decorative bins tend to be smaller, so that should factor into the final bin selection.

Use recycling storage bins in or near the kitchen to store newspapers, magazines, cans and glass items. Consider stackable storage bins to save floor space.

In addition to plastic and wood, storage bins are also available in woven materials, such as cotton, linen and bamboo. They are also available in a wide range of colors and sizes. Consider using bins specifically for shoes, linen, handbags and sweaters. Mix large and small pieces for the most customized results. Label each bin for easier access to the contents.