What Are Some Uses for Rubber Bricks?


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Use rubber bricks to provide non-slip flooring in stables, to reduce water use in standard toilets, and as decorative pavers in home and garden settings. Rubber bricks are softer than traditional materials, so they also offer safety advantages.

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Rubber bricks are typically made from recycled rubber, often from tires. They are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from large and decorative to something closely approximating a traditional clay brick.

Rubber bricks are typically used as flooring in horse stables, because they do not become slippery when wet, and their natural softness cushions horses' joints. They are also used around homes because they are very durable and require little maintenance.

Normal clay bricks gradually dissolve, chip, and crack when exposed to running water. Because rubber bricks are very resistant to this kind of wear, a brand of rubber bricks expressively for use in toilet tanks has developed. These bricks are used to heighten water levels in the tank, thereby reducing the amount of water needed to refill it. This saves on water in drought-prone areas such as California.

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