What Are Some Uses for Rolling Carts?


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Use rolling carts as office carts, bar carts, kitchen carts and plant stands. Carts with tall sides are best for holding containers with liquids, while mason jars help to keep loose items in place on wire carts.

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In an office, use a rolling cart to store supplies, files and notebooks next to a desk. Wire carts keep tools and accessories in plain sight and readily available.

Rolling carts outfitted with fruit, glassware and alcohol make convenient bar carts in a dining room. If the cart has a handle, hang a tea towel on it for easy cleanup. Choose a rolling cart that matches the dining room's aesthetic for a coordinated look.

As plant stands, rolling carts have enough space for extra pots and watering cans, as well the plants. When stocking a plant stand, place most-used items on the top shelf, with rarely used items on the bottom. When displaying plants, use fuller foliage on the higher shelves for a lush effect.

In a kitchen, rolling carts work as pantry extensions or under a counter for extra storage. Use a rolling cart as a mobile serving tray for breakfast, dessert or hors d'oeuvres. Keep food and dishes on the top shelf so they are easy to reach, and store extra cups and ingredients on the bottom shelves.

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