What Are the Uses of a Remington Kerosene Heater?


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Remington kerosene heaters, as with any kerosene heater, are often used for supplemental heat, such as in garages, on enclosed porches, at outdoor events and during power outages. They are rarely used as permanent, ongoing heat sources due to their tendency to smell strongly of kerosene.

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Many people use Remington kerosene heaters to heat workshops or garages, often slightly opening a window or two to cut down on the smell of the fuel. Others use the portable heaters at football tailgate parties or on patios during social gatherings.

The heaters are used at a wide variety of commercial and industrial work sites. Construction workers often use Remington and other brands of kerosene heaters at job sites to help keep cold temperatures at bay. Dairy farmers sometimes use the units in their barns and milking parlors, while commercial fishermen are also known to use the heaters in portions of their boats.

While Remington kerosene heaters are safe for consumers to use indoors, it is best to fuel them outside as the smell of kerosene is potent when exposed to the air. Remington's line of kerosene heaters are equipped with emergency shut-off mechanisms to prevent a fire if they are accidentally knocked over.

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