What Are Some Uses for a Portable Conveyor?


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Uses for a portable conveyor include removing debris and rubble from a construction site, allowing mining companies to transport excess rock or minerals above ground, and enabling ranch or farm owners to transport goods between locations. Some manufacturers or distributors also use portable conveyors in new or temporary warehouse spaces.

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Many construction companies use portable conveyors to move the debris from demolition out of the current space to make way for new materials. The conveyors may move the contents between sections on a flat plane or down stairs and slopes when the construction occurs on floors above ground. Mining companies also commonly use portable conveyors to transport minerals from the dig site to a processing space on the surface. They also use the machines to remove exploded or broken rocks out of the mineshaft to make space for new workers, as well as transport equipment back into the mine.

Farmers use portable conveyors to move crops from collection trucks into storage silos, as well as taking the products from the staging areas and putting them into delivery trucks. Ranches also put the machines into use, sometimes to move supplies between facilities or to aid in the relocation of equipment. Distributors employ portable conveyors to move products from an assembly area into shipping containers, as it allows for easy reconfiguration of the space according to the inventory.

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