What Are Some Uses for Plastic Spray Coating?

Plastic spray coating is used to create a decorative finish on a product, protect some types of metal from corrosion and make products wear resistant. Plastic spray coating is used extensively in the automobile industry for decorative purposes and to make parts UV resistant, heat and wear resistant.

Typical components of plastic spray coating in the automobile industry are battery trays, seat belt loops, under-bonnet parts and upholstery clips. The coating is also used in household appliances, such as cookware, draw runners, kitchen storage and dishwasher baskets. It creates nonstick surfaces that are detergent resistant, easy to clean and wear resistant.

Plastic spray coating is used in the medical industry to provide seamless finishes that are easy to sterilize. Street furniture, personal fitness equipment and kids' toys are also coated for aesthetic reasons and to prevent corrosion.