What Are Some Uses for Plastic Milk Crates?


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Some uses for plastic milk crates include repurposing them as a television stand or table, planter, step stool, shelving or as an ottoman. Other ideas include using milk crates to keep the trunk of a vehicle organized, as a trash or recycling bin, pet den or filing bin.

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Make a table for recreational purposes such as board and card games by stacking plastic milk crates to the desired height, and place a piece of wood or cardboard on top for a flat and even surface. Plastic milk crates lined with newspaper are ideal for storing fruit and vegetables. When kept in the trunk of a vehicle, plastic milk crates help to keep groceries and other items separated and organized and also make carrying many bags at once easier. Line a plastic milk crate with a porous fabric material such as landscaping fabric or burlap, and fill with soil to create a planter.

Flip a plastic milk crate upside down, and attach a cushion to make a lightweight and sturdy stool or foot rest. Line the inside and outside of plastic milk crates with stylish fabrics to create eye-catching storage bins. Construct shelving from plastic milk crates by aligning the crates into a pattern, and secure them together using zip ties or metal hardware for a more permanent shelving solution.

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