What Are Some Uses of Plastic Light Covers?


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Plastic light covers can be used for artistic lighting displays or to alter fluorescent lighting in a home or business. The light from the installed bulbs creates a diffuse glow when covered. Masking the bulbs can also illuminate an assorted collection of light bulbs and create a muted tone. Other common uses include standard covers for fluorescent lights in businesses and schools, covers for industrial lights, lit exit signs and small individual lamps.

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A pyramidal plastic cover maximizes the light from ceiling-mounted fluorescent bulbs by dispersing light over a wide angle. Clear or white acrylic plastic covers around a bulb also soften light that is too stark. If the light is too harsh even with a cover, adding rice paper or other translucent sheets can create a hazy look.

With an investment of only a few hours, the addition of one or two fluorescent light bars can modify a display case when anchored vertically along the back. Cover these with acrylic plastic, a flat sheet or a wrap lens designed to fit over that style of bulb. If the display case already has shelves, replacing them with thick and flat acrylic sheets creates an illusion of items floating in place on them.

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