What Are Some Uses for Plastic Folding Tables?


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Plastic folding tables are versatile pieces with different functions, including serving food and seating extra guests in the home. Plastic folding tables are also used both indoors and outdoors for banquets and other occasions where a large group of people need to be seated.

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Plastic folding tables are commonly used at weddings and other events for large groups. Whether indoor or outdoor, these tables are easily covered with table cloths to create a more elegant look. For large events, eight-foot rectangular tables are often used to accommodate 10 people at each table. Similarly, five-foot or six-foot round tables are used to hold eight to 10 guests.

Plastic folding tables are also used in the home when hosting dinner parties or family gatherings. When a dining table cannot seat all of the guests, a six-foot or eight-foot folding table is set up in the dining area, or wherever space allows, to accommodate extra people. Sometimes a plastic folding table is designated for children, while adults sit at the dining table.

Another use for plastic folding tables is for serving food, usually in a buffet style. At large events, such as weddings, several rectangular tables are set up in a row to serve food. At smaller gatherings in the home or in a backyard or park, one or two tables are used to hold food and beverages.

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