What Are Some Uses for Outdoor Lighting Timers?


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Outdoor lighting timers can be used to control landscape lighting, lamp post lights, accents lights and even flood lights. Security lighting can also be connected to a timer, turning on just before dusk and off after dawn.

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Outdoor lighting timers come in handy for automating the illumination process for lights used every night, such as landscape lighting or safety lighting that illuminates an entryway or a driveway. The timers may also be used for accent lighting such as flood lights and lights that illuminate trees, gazebos or other ornamental features in your yard. Timers may also be connected to motion lighting so the lights only turn on when sensing movement after dark, rather than during daylight hours as well.

An outdoor plug-in timer can be used to turn on holiday lights and seasonal illuminated displays, such as Christmas lights, a nativity scene or even a large Halloween display decorating your yard. Only use outdoor-rated timers for outdoor lights, as they are designed to handle changing weather conditions.

Outdoor light timers vary greatly from one to the next; read the packaging or instruction materials thoroughly before purchase to ensure the timer you wish to purchase is compatible with the outdoor lighting you have in mind for the timer project.

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