What Are Some Uses of Outdoor Lattice Panels?


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Lattice is a good material for many outdoor projects ranging from adding privacy to a patio to forming edging for a flowerbed. Adding lattice as skirting for a deck gives it a more finished look, while heavy-duty vinyl lattice makes an attractive and functional dog run.

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Adding lattice panels to a patio provides privacy that allows homeowners and their guests to enjoy the outdoor breeze and filtered sunlight without finding themselves on display for the neighbors. Similarly, fences made of lattice provide privacy while enjoying the outdoor pool. These panels are strong enough to support climbing plants, which add color, texture and additional screening.

When cut into 1-foot tall sections, lattice provides a short fence for flowerbeds. The material is flexible, so it makes graceful bends and curves following the outline of the bed. Lattice panels are a good choice for skirting a deck. They attach easily to the supporting posts and framework. The skirting provides a concealed storage area under elevated decks.

Heavy-duty vinyl lattice provides the strength that pet owners require for providing an outdoor play place for their dogs. The material is strong enough to withstand the abuse pets cause, but provides a more aesthetic choice than many types of wire fencing. These low-maintenance panels are available in a variety of colors.

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