What Are Some Uses for Old Barn Wood?

Some uses for old barn wood include arts and crafts, interior decor and creating cabinets, shelves, headboards or benches. Weathered wood from old barns adds a rustic touch to home furniture.

Use an old barn door combined with pallet boards to create a rustic headboard and lend a country look to any bedroom. Determine the size of the headboard, and place the old barn door pieces on top of each other to create a staggered look. Secure the joints, sand the unit to remove splinters, and spray with a clear, flat finish. Attach it to the bed frame. Stain and attach old pallets to bedroom walls to create neat rustic wall shelves that blend with the old barn door headboard.

Reuse old barn wood with contemporary interiors to add variety in color and texture. Use weathered wood to make barn doors, bathroom cabinets and cabins. Sanded barn wood neatly cut and joined makes neat shelves fitted into an exterior window. Finish the shelves with a clear finish, and add a trim around the edges to make it look more vintage. Another way to use old barn wood is to secure bits of it to a plastic frame to create a rustic photo frame.