What Are the Uses of Milky Spore in the Garden?


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Gardeners and professional landscapers use Milky Spore in gardens as an insecticide to target pest larvae. Milky Spore attacks beetle grubs directly, while leaving plants and other organisms unharmed.

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What Are the Uses of Milky Spore in the Garden?
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Milky Spore is a naturally selective organic bacterium that, once applied to the soil, absorbs into plant roots. The bacteria kills the grubs when they eat the roots, and the decomposed grubs then release more bacteria into the soil. The process is so effective that one treatment can last up to 10 years.

Gardeners can apply Milky Spore to gardens, yards, lawns and soil beds. Landscapers apply Milky Spore in the spring, summer or fall, and it stays effective through freezing weather and heavy rain.

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