What Are Some Uses for Little Plastic Boxes?


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Some uses for little plastic boxes include filling the boxes with sand or rocks and using them as hand weights or freezing water in the boxes to use them as ice packs. Another use for little plastic boxes is using vinegar and dish soap to turn the boxes into fruit fly traps.

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Little plastic boxes can hold and store a variety of food, including leftovers. Plastic boxes also make attractive and functional display cases for candy and cookies. If a child brings a lunch to school or if a person brings a lunch on a trip or to the office, little plastic boxes can store snack items and side items for lunch. They can also hold and organize non-food items such as crayons, pencils and paper clips.

Convert little plastic boxes to a pill organizer or to an organizer for over-the-counter medication. Plastic boxes can also store hair ties, barrettes and bobby pins. They also work well in a variety of arts and crafts projects, including decorative storage boxes, musical instruments and vases for flowers and pencils. For arts and crafts, fill the boxes with paint to use them as reusable or disposable paint trays. Little plastic boxes filled with sand work as doorstops and paperweights. You can fill the boxes with dirt to use them as seed planters to grow plants from seed in a small space. When you're traveling, little plastic boxes can hold water to act as portable dog dishes.

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