What Are Some Uses for Liquid Starch?


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Liquid starch is often used to give clothes a crisp edge and to make the fabric resistant to wrinkling and staining. Liquid laundry starches allow easier ironing of clothes, as one may simply pour the mixture into the washing machine or mix it with water and spray it onto the clothes. Liquid starches are especially handy in children's crafts, as they contain no harmful ingredients.

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Even commercially manufactured liquid starches are environmentally friendly and free from toxic chemicals, as they are made from corn, rice or wheat. These make them safe to use in arts and crafts. Liquid starches can be used in making homemade paper, especially if the paper is going to be used in writing. The starch prevents the ink from soaking and suspends it within the paper fibers. Liquid starch is also helpful in making homemade finger paint and paper mache.

Fabric walls make an attractive alternative to traditional wallpaper. Liquid starch can be used as an adhesive and as a straightening mixture. Simply apply the starch to the wall using a paint roller, smooth the fabric over it, and then apply another layer of starch over the entire outside of the fabric to ease wrinkles and protect it from staining. The fabric can be removed by simply dampening it with a sponge then peeling it off the wall.

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