What Are Some Uses of Limonene?


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Limonene is used in pharmaceuticals and supplements. It is also used as citrus fragrance in cleaners and as flavoring in foods. In addition, it is used to help treat and possibly prevent cancer, as well as promote weight loss.

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Limonene is often used in supplements to help support healthy liver function and is commonly found in weight loss products as a 'fat burner.' Limonene is short for D-Limonene, which is the actual molecule that comes from citrus fruit. The name comes from lemons and is commonly referred to as lemon extract. The chemical is in a series of compounds classified as perillic acids.

It is possible to extract high amounts of naturally occurring limonene from citrus juices if done in the 'Mediterranean style.' This method keeps the pulp in the juice. Citrus juice that is commonly found in stores has been processed to the point where limonene levels are minimal. For this reason, it is commonly taken as a supplement by itself or combined with other naturally occurring cancer fighting vitamins and minerals. It is also believed to help the liver in the breakdown of fats. This characteristic of limonene makes it a common addition in many weight-loss products that provide natural, stimulant-free weight-loss support.

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