What Are Some Uses for Laminated MDF Board?


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Laminated medium-density fibreboard is used to make interior doors, shelving, cabinets, wood panelling and trim. MDF is made from wood fibres bonded together with adhesives, and it is often covered in a plastic laminate finish to prevent damage to the fibres.

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MDF is an inexpensive alternative to solid wood or plywood in construction. It presents a smooth surface with no grain, and because it is made from uniform fibres, it resists warping. The smooth finish is ideal for contouring and shaping, so it is often used to make inexpensive wood trim or panelled doors. Cabinet bases are often made from MDF, as its uniformity and thickness helps it to resist bowing in short lengths. Cabinet doors are also commonly made from this material when a painted finish is planned.

Any contact with moisture usually causes MDF to swell, so it is only suitable for interior use. It is also denser and heavier than plywood, so it can be difficult to use. Laminated MDF is often used to make furniture such as desks, tables and shelves. Some furniture that appears to be solid wood incorporates MDF to provide a core for the more expensive wood veneer. Because of its low cost, some woodworkers use MDF to make templates.

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