What Are Some Uses for Intermatic Timers?


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Intermatic timers consist of in-wall timers and plug-in timers, which are used for tasks as diverse as controlling individual appliances and scheduling full security lighting programs. The plug-in timers consist of indoor, outdoor and appliance plug-in timers.

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Indoor plug-in timers are used for turning lights and appliances off and on automatically, controlling personal computers, air conditioners, heavy-duty appliances and heaters. They feature user-friendly programming, flexible schedules and multiple-event scheduling.

Outdoor plug-in timers control outdoor lighting rigs such as landscape and fountain lights. They are also useful for engine block heaters, pool pumps and security lighting. Appliance plug-in timers are used for controlling air conditioners, heavy duty appliances and heaters. They provide the control needed to keep a home safe and help reduce the energy usage of household loads.

In-wall timers consist of springwound auto-off timers, mechanical in-wall timers and electronic in-wall timers. Electronic in-wall timers are used for turning lights on and off automatically and controlling air conditioners. Some models can handle all your lighting configurations and scheduling needs. Mechanical in-wall timers are used to automatically control outdoor and indoor lighting, pumps, fans and office machines.

Springwound auto-off timers are used to automatically limit the ON times for heaters, fans, lighting and motors. These timers are designed to replace a standard wall switch. They are energy-efficient timers that operate without electricity.

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