What Are Some Uses for Industrial Casters?


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Applications for industrial casters include supporting air cargo, aircraft maintenance equipment, assembly line devices, commercial ovens and medical equipment. Heavy duty industrial caster applications exist in the shipbuilding and manufacturing industries as well.

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Caster manufacturers typically rate their casters based on their maximum load and any shock absorbing characteristics the caster may have. Aerospace casters designed to hold and transport air cargo generally have a maximum weight characteristic of between 300 and 500 pounds, while casters used to transport aircraft maintenance and support equipment may be rated for up to 40,000 pounds of weight and contain pneumatic or shock absorbing mechanisms.

Additional industries that make use of industrial casters include industrial laundry, beverage vending, hotels, casinos, tire manufacturers and home construction. Commercial food preparation and wholesale food distribution also make frequent use of industrial casters to carry equipment and products from one place to another, typically in material handling applications using hand trucks of various shapes and sizes.

Caster manufacturers design caster wheels out of a variety of materials to provide certain benefits ideal for specific industries. Metal wheels typically hold the greatest weight, with polyurethane wheels coming in second. Wheels made of nylon, rubber or plastic generally hold lesser weight, although exceptions to the rule exist, such as in the case of RWM Caster's plastic Ultron wheels rated for 16,500 pounds.

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