What Are Some Uses for Heavy-Duty Plastic Rolls?


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Heavy-duty plastic rolls have many uses, including covering crawl spaces, temporary covering for equipment, use as a vapor barrier under concrete or as a curing blanket on freshly poured concrete. Other purposes buyers use rolls of heavy-duty plastic are wrapping a screen porch to keep snow out, wrapping straw bales in winter and protecting a greenhouse.

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Poly-America, the manufacturer of one plastic roll, states that customers commonly use its rolls to cover crawl spaces to keep moisture or snow out. A dry area can prevent mold, bacteria and fungi growth, which may be harmful. Before laying concrete, plastic sheeting laid beneath the concrete helps to keep moisture out of the concrete, which aids in longevity.

Many customer reviews for one heavy-duty plastic roll on the Home Depot website note that the plastic roll is useful for greenhouses and gardens, and that it protects from snow. One customer uses a plastic sheet to cover a screen porch without any windows to keep heat in and snow out. Another customer notes that an additional use for plastic sheeting is covering straw bales in the winter and that the 6-millimeter plastic rolls are high quality. Additionally, a Home Depot customer states that plastic rolls are useful for covering wood piles, more so than tarps that fall apart.

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