What Are Some Uses of a Garden Utility Cart Wagon?

Garden utility carts are most often used to carry heavy or bulky items to and from the garden, but they have a variety of uses around the yard and in the garden. Garden wagons come in an assortment of styles. This means that not all carts fulfill the same purposes.

A garden cart provides a gardener with an easy-to-move location to place weeds, dead blooms and trimmings. She can pull the cart from one spot to another with little effort and conveniently dispose of the debris when she is done.

Individuals often use garden utility carts with high weight capacities to transport heavy items that may cause injury when lifted. Wagons with capacities of 600 to 800 pounds can carry potted plants that are ready to transplant or several bags of soil, mulch or gravel for a flower bed. They are also a convenient way for vegetable gardeners to collect their harvests.

After a storm or strong winds, a garden cart with a pull handle makes it easier for homeowners to clear their yards of sticks and debris. Many people use garden carts to move around heavy items in the garage, such as tools or boxes. Individuals can transport oversized items, such as trellises, boulders or lumber, using carts that have removable sides.