What Are Some Uses for a Foldable Room Divider?

What Are Some Uses for a Foldable Room Divider?

Some uses for foldable room dividers include splitting off space, hiding unsightly views, adding extra storage and creating privacy, according to RealSimple.com. Decorators can also use foldable dividers as accent pieces in a room.

As their name suggests, foldable room dividers are handy decor objects for dividing space in a room. Decorators can easily place them around a room to divide a large room into two or more separate spaces, creating work or sleeping areas in a single room for more versatile use of a space.

Dividers can also mask objects behind them, such as unattractive walls or lots of power cords. They can also work well in front of a window with a poor view, which can help keep unsightly visuals out of eye's reach. Dividers placed in front of windows should ideally be transparent so that they do not block natural light sources.

Folding screens can double as creative storage spaces, notes RealSimple.com. Install pockets onto screens to stash away smaller items in a space. Face dividers with cork board or chalkboards to maximize space and function.

Room dividers are also handy tools for creating privacy. Decorators can simply place them in front of windows to block off the room and keep the space personal.

Although folding room dividers are often functional, they can also serve a decorative purpose. Decorators can play with color and texture to add the illusion of a decorative wall, which also works well for renters who cannot modify their homes. Reflective surfaces can also help create the illusion of space.