What Are Some Uses for a Five-Gallon Dispenser?


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One use for a five-gallon water bottle is as a percussive instrument because striking the bottle with an open palm makes a unique sound. These makeshift drums can replace bongos and other traditional hand-struck drums in a variety of songs, and it is possible to use other household items, such as cans, with five-gallon water bottles to create entire drum kits. Five-gallon water bottles are also durable and large enough to act as hamster habitats.

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Because of their size, five-gallon water bottle dispensers can also serve as homemade barbells. To make a free weight, first fill the bottle with the desired amount of sand, and then use it as you would any other free weight. Keep your form steady and straight to get the most out of your exercises. If you have more than one bottle to use, fill both of them with sand, and secure them to a long metal pole. The home-fashioned barbell allows you to perform many other, more advanced exercises at your conveniences.

To use the bottle as a plastic bucket, simply cut off the top portion. Drill a hole on either side of the bottle, and attach a curved metal rod into the hole to create the handle. This new bucket easily holds a variety of tools and other items.

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