What Are Some Uses for Extra Tall Vases?


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Uses for extra tall vases include as floral arrangements, centerpieces, food dishes, terrariums, and toilet paper holders, as well as lamps, utensil holders, desk organizers and collection showcases. Additionally, use vases as accent pieces in rooms on mantles or office desks.

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Floral arrangements are the most common use for tall vases, with bright centerpieces for weddings or accent colors to brighten rooms. Tall vases are used in the kitchen to hold and display cooking utensils, or as an alternative to a food dish for layered dips or salads. In bathrooms, tall vases are used for extra toilet paper roll holders, or made into an ambiance lamp. Tall vases in offices are used to hold office supplies such as scissors, pens and pencils, or filled with marbles, sand and potpourri for accents. Vases can be used for terrariums for small reptiles or a simple fish bowl.

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