What Are the Uses of Extra Large Outdoor Planters?


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Extra-large outdoor planters can be used to hold plants as well as decorate an area. For instance, large planters can be filled with greenery and used indoors to create an outdoor feel.

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Extra-large outdoor planters can be used to grow a variety of plants from flowers to shrubs and trees. A Japanese maple makes a good resident for a large planter. The tree can be moved around for the best light and location or brought indoors during the winter to avoid freezing weather.

The preparation for using extra-large planters varies depending on the material of the container. Terracotta pots need to be soaked in water before any planting occurs. If the planter has been used before, it needs to be washed out and sterilized to prevent disease, bacteria or fungus from infecting the new plant.

Once the planter is ready, the gardener can fill it halfway with a mixture of potting mixture, soil polymers and fertilizer. The polymers help the soil to absorb water, important for those plants that need a lot of moisture. The gardener needs to moisten the soil before adding the plants and the rest of the potting mix. The plants need to be watered thoroughly immediately after the planting.

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