What Are Some Uses for DuPont Corian Adhesive?


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DuPont Joint Adhesive is designed to bond DuPont Corian solid surface materials to each other or to DuPont Zodiaq quartz surfacing material. DuPont does not approve Joint Adhesive for any other purpose, including bonding Corian to any other material.

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DuPont Joint Adhesive is designed specifically for use with DuPont Corian solid surface materials, synthetic materials used to fabricate surfaces, such as counter tops and kitchen and bathroom sinks. Joint Adhesive is color coordinated for use with the Corian line of products. It is intended to create an inconspicuous seam and allow designers to create a monolithic look among multiple pieces of Corian.

To bond Corian to any material other than itself or DuPont Zodiaq quartz surfacing material, such as adjoining walls or back splashes, DuPont recommends using a flexible silicone adhesive rather than Joint Adhesive.

Joint Adhesive is sold in two sizes: a 50 milliliter cartridge and a 470 milliliter bulk cartridge. All Joint Adhesive must be used within two years of its manufacturing date, and it should be stored at room temperature. Joint Adhesive can be applied using either a manual dispenser or, in the case of the bulk cartridge, a pneumatic adhesive gun. When applying Joint Adhesive with a manual dispenser, it is important to maintain constant pressure to ensure proper mixing and setting times.

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