What Are the Uses for Dried Lavender?


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Dried lavender can be used as a drawer freshener, sleep aid, moth repellent, insect deterrent and for decoration. Food-grade dried lavender is also used in a number of recipes including making shortbread.

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What Are the Uses for Dried Lavender?
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Fill small, clean fabric bags with dried lavender to make drawer fresheners. Alternatively, place a handful of dried lavender on circle or square cloths and tie with a ribbon. Placing the bags in a corner in each drawer freshens clothes and rubbing the bags regularly refreshes the scent. The bags can also be given as gifts.

Lavender is also used a sleep aid. Mix dried lavender and dried hops in a small fabric bag and place next to the pillow. The bag produces a soothing fragrance that helps with relaxation and sleep. Chamomile also works well when combined with lavender.

Moths do not like the smell of lavender and avoid it. Homeowners can hang lavender bags or a lavender pomander in the closet to ward off moths. Lavender does not correct moth infestations or kill moths. Lavender also deters flies and other insects. Place dried lavender bunches or buds near open windows to keep insects out. For decoration, hang lavender bunches in an entrance porch or make a sheaf out of a handful of stems to make a table centerpiece.

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