What Are Some Uses of DMSO?


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DMSO is thought to be effective in treating bladder infections, according to WebMD. Other possible known uses are for the treatment of skin or tissue damage due to chemotherapy IV drips and for decreasing nerve pain resulting from shingles. In treating the effects of shingles, DMSO is effective when used in conjunction with the drug idoxuridine, explains WebMD.

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According to The American Cancer Society, DMSO is an abbreviation for dimethyl sulfoxide, a wood industry by-product created through the process of making paper. Its use in the treatment of bladder cancer is being studied. There are researchers who believe that it helps increase the effectiveness of some chemotherapy drugs. DMSO is also thought to be helpful in reducing radiation therapy and chemotherapy side effects. It can reportedly help get rid of the free radicals resulting from cancer treatments and boost the immune system, says the ACS.

Researchers in support of DMSO propose that it can slow, and even stop, the progress of bladder, ovary, skin, colon and breast cancers. Additionally, DMSO is said to help effectively treat leukemia and can be used in certain metabolic cancer treatments or therapies. Despite the research involving the uses for DMSO in the treatment of cancer, its effectiveness with this disease in humans is not yet fully supported by scientific evidence.

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