What Are Some Uses for Custom Vinyl Wall Stickers?


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Some uses for custom vinyl wall stickers include personalized family decor, individualized children's bedroom decorations, growth charts and unique interior design accents. Many vinyl decal retailers allow customers to create customized designs by choosing the decal's font, size and color and inserting their own original text. Homeowners can easily affix decals to most walls, adding affordable and distinctive details to any room.

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Custom vinyl wall stickers can add a highly personal touch to household decor. These decals, which often include the family surname, may also celebrate important events in the family's history, such as a wedding date or children's birth dates. Families may also choose to include personalized details, such as a family crest or a significant quote, as part of their vinyl sticker. By adding meaningful details and customizing the appearance and color of the finished decal, the customer can create an individualized accent that complements the home's decor.

Durable and colorful vinyl decals are an especially smart choice for children's bedroom decor. As of October 2015, companies such as Fathead offer customers the ability to create life-size custom decals from photographs, allowing families to celebrate and commemorate a child's achievements or relive favorite vacation moments.

Many vinyl decal retailers offer growth chart decals that measure a child's changing height over time. By adding customized options such as the child's name or favorite color, the customer creates a more personalized wall decoration.

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