What Are Some Uses of Concrete Tape?


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Use concrete tape to mount signage and hang pictures on concrete, brick or other hard surfaces. Concrete tape also makes an effective mask for painting on hard surfaces on which regular interior masking tape does not work. Concrete tape is also a cheap and effective way to hide wires.

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For mounting temporary signs, concrete tape is an easy, economical and effective option. Because of the very strong adhesives in concrete tape, it sticks to surfaces much longer than most other kinds of tape. While using fasteners such as nails and screws to mount signage permanently defaces the concrete or brick, concrete tape comes off easily and cleanly.

Use concrete tape to hide and protect wires by taping the wires to any type of floor. Unlike duct tape, concrete tape does not easily come unstuck from the floor, preventing people from tripping and protecting wires and electrical equipment from damage.

Because of its extreme strength and durability, concrete tape has a number of unconventional uses. Applying a strip of concrete tape to a broken zipper provides a temporary but effective fix. Concrete tape also works for patching air leaks in sports balls, inflatable toys and air mattresses. In a pinch, concrete tape makes an unfashionable but strong temporary patch for ripped or torn clothing.

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