What Are Some Uses for a Commercial Leaf Vacuum Shredder?


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A commercial leaf vacuum is a useful tool for cleaning the leaves, twigs and other debris from a yard quickly and efficiently. This tool saves hours over using a rake to clean the leaves from the yard.

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Non-commercial leaf vacuums typically have a much smaller capacity than the commercial grade vacuums and are meant to be used by typical homeowners. Commercial-grade leaf vacuums are meant to be used by professional landscapers or homeowners with larger than average yards. Commercial-grade leaf vacuums typically come in one of two configurations: push from behind, or pull with a trailer (behind a riding lawn mower). The selection of the size and configuration depends on the size of the yard and the type of debris.

As of 2015, one of the best-selling commercial leaf vacuums is the Cub Cadet 159cc chipper shredder vacuum. This leaf vacuum has a 2-bushel collection capacity and can handle twigs and branches up to 1.5 inches in diameter.

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