What Are Some Uses for a Chrome Wire Rack?


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Use chrome wire racks to organize kitchens, closets, basements and garages in the home or kitchen and baking equipment in restaurant and bakery settings. Choose either solid-standing wire racks or wire racks with wheels for ease of movement.

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Home kitchen uses for chrome wire racks include small appliance storage and cookbook storage. Organize items such as mixing bowls and baking sheets, or add small hooks to the undersides of the shelves for hanging cooking utensils. Insert a chrome wire rack in a closet or pantry for organization and expansion of usable space. Choose a size that utilizes otherwise wasted closet sides or walls, and add contact paper or vinyl flooring tiles over the wires for a solid surface that keeps small items from falling through the spaces.

Garage uses for chrome wire racks include power tool storage and organization of bolt and nail containers, and the racks keep all types of batteries off cement floors.

Restaurant and bakery chrome wire racks are used for cooling foods, allowing icings to dry, keeping prepared items organized, or rolling racks into proofing rooms for pastries and breads to rise. Restaurants and bakeries store equipment and large containers of cooking and baking supplies on chrome wire racks.

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