What Are Some Uses for Cardboard Berry Boxes?


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Uses for cardboard berry boxes include incorporating the boxes into crafts, gardening and home decor projects, using the boxes as caddies to hold small pantry items, and reusing the boxes to carry other produce. Because they are manufactured with open slots, cardboard berry boxes make excellent temporary planters for gardeners who are germinating and raising new seedlings. When the boxes degrade, the gardener can then compost them for richer soil.

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Take empty berry boxes to farmers markets to transport new produce purchases home. Berry boxes make excellent containers for other small produce, such as cherry tomatoes. Some vendors may appreciate donations of empty boxes to distribute to other customers.

Children can use berry boxes in craft projects such as dioramas and paper mache sculptures. At the beach, children can pack damp sand into the boxes and use them to mold parts for sandcastles. Adult crafters can incorporate berry boxes into paper-crafting and scrapbooking projects by including berry box scraps to add texture and rustic flair reminiscent of a traditional country fair.

Use cardboard berry boxes to hold little snacks, condiment packets and other small items that might otherwise get lost in a full pantry. For extra visual appeal, decorate the baskets with twine, ribbon or burlap, and secure the accents to the boxes with hot glue.

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