What Are Some Uses for Butyl Tape?


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Butyl tape can be used to reinforce underground pipes and joints likely to corrode, or it can be used to seal air vents, ventilation systems and more. Butyl tape can also be used in emergency situations for quick car repairs, covering leaks and patches long enough to reach a service area.

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Butyl tape is self-adhesive, sticking to wood, metal, glass and concrete. This quality makes it useful for joining together objects made of different materials. Butyl tape is also extremely temperature-resistant. It is waterproof and prevents moisture or condensation from forming, but it does not deteriorate under sun exposure.

Butyl tape is available in a variety of sizes. Some manufacturers may be willing to adjust for a more specific match, especially if large volumes of butyl tape are ordered at once. When using butyl tape, cut using scissors dipped in paint thinner to prevent the tape from sticking. When handling butyl tape without the release film still attached, wet fingers with paint thinner as well. To achieve better adhesion, use a metal or wooden roller to press the tape down firmly. The tape can be overlapped to cover a wider surface area and reinforced with fabric tape on top. To remove butyl tape, use needle nose pliers to peel it off.

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