What Are Some Uses for Buckets With Lids?


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Some uses for buckets with lids include storing and transporting large amounts of food for large-group meal preparation, planting flowers, trees and vegetables, and storing dry goods such as paper towels and napkins. Another use for buckets with lids is turning the buckets upside down and standing on the buckets in order to reach an item that is out of reach.

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Buckets with lids make excellent diaper pails because the lid helps contain smells. Buckets with lids also serve as capable emergency supply kits in vehicles because they keep the supplies contained while resisting water and moisture damage. To keep a cord or hose in working fashion, buckets with lids work to curl the cord in a circle for easy storage and minimal tangling.

For recreational use, buckets with lids carry fishing gear. After a successful day of fishing, they carry fish. Buckets with lids carry food and supplies for camping. When you're camping, buckets with lids make functional toilets. They even make adequate tubs for holding water for a makeshift shower. When you're working outside or hosting a party, buckets with lids keep drinks cold by acting as a cooler.

Buckets with lids make useful children's toys and they can work as drums, desks or podiums for a child's imagination. Also, an animal can wait in a bucket while a person cleans his or her cage.

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