What Are Some Uses for Antique Copper Kettles?


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An antique copper kettle can be used for decoration in any room of the house. For instance, it can be placed on a dining room table as a centerpiece and filled with fruit. It can also be placed on a stand, filled with silk ivy and bordered by candle sticks.

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An antique copper kettle can be both decorative and functional. In a bathroom, it can hold rolled washcloths and towels or act as a display of toiletries for visitors. It can be attached to a wall and filled with bathroom items as a space-saver. It can fulfill merely a decorative role and hold scented candles or a potted plant.

The rustic charm of an antique copper kettle can be emphasized if placed by a stone hearth or fireplace and filled with logs and kindling. It can also serve a more modern purpose and act as a remote control caddy or magazine holder. It can serve a seasonal purpose and be decorated differently for every holiday and season.

An antique copper kettle also works well in an entryway or mud room. If placed strategically by the front door, it can hold car keys or incoming mail. It can become a depository for interesting items or odds and ends. Muddy shoes can be placed in the kettle to keep the floor clean.

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