What Are Some Uses for 5-Gallon Glass Jars?


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Common uses for 5-gallon glass jars include canning, decorating and storage; the sturdy containers are also essential parts of brewing ales, lagers and homemade beer. Additionally, some water companies use glass jars when delivering their products.

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The fermentation process uses 5-gallon glass jars for the primary and secondary fermentation periods. Using a sanitized glass container during the primary brewing directly affects the taste and quality of the final brew. Glass “carboys” are instrumental to provide a second, slower fermentation period, when subtle, rich flavors develop and brewers can add flavors such as oak.

When used in canning, sealed caps ensure that jams, fruits, vegetables and juices stay preserved, and the sterile, clear containers prevent airborne pollutants from contaminating the contents.

Elsewhere in the kitchen, carboys store grains, flour and sugar. The jars are also ideal for making and storing sun or sweet tea and sangria and work well when pickling vegetables such as cucumbers, pickles and onions.

Decorators use the clear jugs as ornamental displays, highlighting collections of matchbooks or corks and filling them with swatches of color, spools of thread or layers of multi-colored sand. The containers also make pots for small plants that need lots of light while being protected from the elements.

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