What Are Some Uses for 4 X 8 Corrugated Plastic Sheets?

What Are Some Uses for 4 X 8 Corrugated Plastic Sheets?

Use corrugated plastic sheets for advertising, packaging and construction. Additional uses include decoration, stationary and art designs. Corrugated plastic sheets can also serve as a protective barrier for young trees.

Some examples of the types of advertising for which people can use corrugated plastic sheets include yard signs, graphics, road signs and display racks. Additional advertising uses include exhibition boards and caution boards.

Examples of packaging uses include boxes, totes, trays and bins, all of which can be crafted with corrugated plastic sheets. Use the sheets for reusable flooring, countertop protection or storm panels. Corrugate plastic sheets are good for decoration and art because they allow designs to be printed clearly and easily.

Corrugated plastic sheets are versatile because they are lightweight, strong and durable. They are also waterproof and recyclable. Additionally, the sheets resist a wide range of chemicals, grease and dirt. Corrugated plastic sheets do not rust, rot, mildew or corrode. Because of these properties, corrugated plastic sheets have both indoor and outdoor uses. Sheets are available in a wide range of colors.

Certain corrugated plastic sheets have additional properties, such as flame-retardant, anti-static, conductive and ultra-violet inhibiting. The sheets are made from polypropylene resin and thickness ranges from 2 to 12 millimeters.